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Monday, August 9, 2010

Because Girlies Can't Live on Ink Alone

crafteraholic (noun); a person addicted to multiple crafting media limited only by one's imagination and the space dedicated to one's craft room/garage/house/backyard,etc.

Hmmmmm know anyone like that?!?!  ;)

I think one of the great things about being a crafteraholic (hey it's a word, sort of) is that as your mood shifts you can switch gears onto different crafts and keep your creative energy flowing.  I was sewing and making jewelry long before I ever scrapbooked so it's only natural that I circle back to these staples from time to time.  Plus, with mixed media art, you can blend it all together into one big crafty piece of goodness!

At Scrapbook Expo last Friday I came across a great little vendor doing super easy and fun jewelry with glass overlayed onto interesting papers and images.  CraftFantastic is what they're called and I had to circle past their booth a few times just to get a good look at what they were doing.  On the second pass I sat down and was instantly hooked!  Most of my jewelry making has been focused on beading but this approach was super fast and easy.  Pick a glass piece, pick an image, glue it into a backing and you're done!  I ended up making a pendant at the booth and picked up supplies to make a bracelet.  I also picked up some glass circles for use as flower centers, journaling accents, etc. 

Botanical glass necklace and bracelet

I strung the pendant on a coordinating ribbon necklace

Butterfly themed bracelet on a sterling silver backing

I really love how flat the glass is on the back and it's fairly unobtrusive in height - perfect for scrapbooking embellishments!  I'm really looking forward to playing with these glass pieces and layering them over all kinds of goodies.

Of course, the crafting didn't stop there...

Ever since sewing on my last layout, Mamma Kori, I've been fixated on incorporating more sewing and fabric into my work.  I swung by the fabric store and picked up some super cute quilting fabrics.  I die cut a few circles of differing sizes and made a lollipop flower hair clip.  They even had buttons on sale and I found some great crystal buttons for the center!  Fun fun fun!  I frayed the edges of the fabric to help give it some extra texture and then I hand sewed the layers together gathering them slightly.  I added the button center and then sewed the back layer of the flower to the hair clip. 

The flower is about 2" in diameter with 6 layers of fabric, 2 layers in each of 3 sizes

These were really fast and fun weekend projects.  Sometimes its nice to keep things simple.  Next stop - fabric layouts!  :)



  2. Too cute love the braclet can we get one of those ;)