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Friday, November 23, 2012

Art Journal Every Day - Day 6

My 6th art journal entry - fun with pastel pencils.  (See days previous days here and here.) Apparantly not only am I a paper hoarder but I'm an art supply hoarder as well.  I love playing with new media.  I picked up some pastel pencils and thought I'd give them a try.  I'm not too talented in the drawing department so I picked a very simple shape and went from there.

I liked the idea of using the patterened paper from the class kit as the background and doing my pastel drawing on top.  Both pastel pencils and pan pastels are somewhat transparent.

I drew my tulip first, then colored around it with pan pastels.  I used an eraser to erase some of the pigment for added texture.  I then filled in the flower with the pastel pencil, smudging as I went.  Super easy!

The quote came from a roll of paper towels.  It was on the paper towel I was using to protect my work surface.  I picked up my paper and there it was.  It just goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere!

A little distress crackle paint and distress ink around the edges and I was good to go.  Simple and easy.  Just like I like it!

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