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Monday, November 19, 2012

Art Journal Every Day - Days 3 - 5

Well, I started with the best intentions to art journal every day.  I've fallen a bit behind but here is what I came up with on my 3rd, 4th, and 5th days.  Contents are from the Cocoa Daisy art journal class featuring Julie Balzer.  See days 1 and 2 here.

Day 3

I started with a piece of patterned paper from the kit and added some transparent swipes of acrylics to create a plaid pattern on the background.
Following Julie's example in her video that comes with the kit, I tore apart a piece of the cardboard in the box to create a "stamp".  Using blue acrylic paint, I "inked" my cardboard "stamp" and "stamped" it on the page.  I love the uneven messy look.  I also used the Stabilo water soluable pencil to highlight the M, for Monday, on the background paper.  The zigzag pattern is from the patterns on the date stamp.
Keeping to my theme of limiting my supplies to kit contents, I used the label stamp from the kit to create the flower.  More Stabilo water soluble pencil and the Sharpie white marker and I was good to go!

Day 4

Day 4 just so happened to be election day.  I went with a red white and blue theme with stars in honor of the occasion.  I started with some spritzes of red ink.  I then applied a wash of gesso to the background paper from the kit to create some contrast from the pattern on the paper.

I wanted to use the points on the kit stencil to echo the star shapes so I applied a thin layer of molding paste over these sections of the stencil for extra dimension.  I hand cut the stars and used red and blue paint to tie it all together.
Day 5
For this page, I decided to play with my glass bead gel. I started with a thin but uneven coating of the bead gel over the entire page.  While still wet, I sprayed red and copper ink onto the page and let it drip down through and around the uneven layer of beads.  I painted the tree with thinned down acrylic paint and added a few highlights with the Sharpie pen.

I hand cut the leaves and quote from patterned paper in the kit.  I finished it off with some dry brush strokes of yellow paint mixed with gesso.  

 I've really been enjoying the process of sticking primarily to kit contents as well as working on a smaller sized background.  Now if I can just make more time each day to work on it!

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