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Monday, November 5, 2012

Forward Motion

When I turn to my art journal I usually have an idea (it could be a word or a theme), color palette, or medium I'd like to use as inspiration.  In this case, I had the idea of having textured hearts in the background using molding paste with a larger heart as a focal point using washi tape.  I just picked up a fabulous orange washi tape that served as the inspiration for my palette.

The resulting page isn't one of my favorites.  I worked, re worked, and re worked some more to get it to a point that I liked it enough to say "done".  I may go back and tweak it more one day or I may not. 

These words seemed to work not only for the imperfect execution of my vision for this page, but for the nature of love itself as well.

It just didn't come together for me the way I'd envisioned. Even so, it was a great lesson in "forward motion".  Just keep going whenever you get stuck.  It doesn't have to be perfect, and you don't even have to like it.  Just play, learn, and keep moving.

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