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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Art Journal Every Day - Day 7

I love when pages come together in a flash!  After a lovely fall picnic with my hubby and pup today I came home and whipped up this page for my 6x6 art journal every day project.

A few days ago I completed a long standing goal of organizing my spray inks and adding dots to the top of each bottle so I can see what color they are from above.  I used paper towels to spray on and kept them,  of course.  I wanted to use the vibrant dots of color in a project.  This project is the first of 2 that will use these paper towels.

I started with a piece of patterned paper from the class kit and did a light wash with gesso.  I then used the kit stencil with some permanent ink in yellow ochre.  I repeated one of the flag stamps to form borders along the top and bottom of the pages. Then it was time for the spray ink.

After everything was dry, I hand cut circles from the paper towels and layered them to create the flowers.  The stems are drawn with the Stabilo pencil.  Some white marker and gesso accents completed the page.

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